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6 Best DynaVap Accessories

DynaVap accessories are everywhere. With so much choice, DynaVap users will be wondering what are the best DynaVap accessories and where can they get them from?

Vaps on Vaps aims to solve this issue, offering a range of complimentary DynaVap accessories. So, what are the best DynaVap accessories?

6. DynaVap Quartz Screens

Quartz Screens for the DynaVap. Say goodbye to Stainless Steel, or Titanium. The crystal clear Quartz screens provide augmented airflow, improved heat distribution and can offer purer tasting hits when compared to standard DynaVap CCDs. Many users often report that the Quartz screens are great when paired with a glass stem - reducing the amount of metal in your DynaVap set up is essential for anybody chasing a more neutral tasting vapor. 

Quartz is a great entry point into your DynaVap modification experience - being one of the cheapest DynaVap accessories available!



5. DynaVap Magnetic VapCap Puller

How many times have you gone to quickly reload your DynaVaps tip and been slowed down due to a hot VapCap, or even worse actually touching the cap and burning your fingers? Fortunately, there is now a very simple solution.

The DynaVap Magnetic VapCap Puller is a small VapCap sized magnet embedded into a small plastic holder - the holder allows the user to easily grip the puller and magnetically pull the VapCap off a DynaVap tip. The magnet will help cool down the Cap quickly. For ultimate utility, the ultimate DynaVap accessory also includes a keyring loop so that it can be carried everywhere with ease.



4. DynaVap Glass Cooling Stem (With Carb)

One thing that goes perfectly in any DynaVap users arsenal is a good quality glass stem.

The Glass 3D Cooling Stem is made with functionality in mind. The indentations and inner spikes provide more surface area and facilitate better cooling when compared to a straight, smooth glass stem. The glass stem has a nice thickness being made from high strength borosilicate glass and includes a carb so that airflow can be modified by the user. The latest iteration of the glass DynaVap Stem also features a tapered mouthpiece, allowing for much more comfortable use.



3. DynaVap WPA (Water Pipe Adapter) 10mm, 14mm & 18mm Multi-fitment

The DynaVap Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) is an essential and versatile tool - every DynaVap owner should own one.

The DynaVap WPA allows you to use a DynaVap Tip alongside any of your favourite water pieces. Break out the bubbler, and dust-off the bong - the multi-fitment water pipe adapter features 10mm, 14mm & 18mm male fitment ensuring that the WPA fits a wide range of standard bongs, bubblers and other pieces.

Using a WPA'd DynaVap Tip & Cap is a whole new experience - using the right piece you can expect bigger clouds, and the ability to clear the DynaVap faster in less heat cycles. In our store we have a selection of optimal water-pieces. It's important to note that when using a water-piece, the size is an important factor. Smaller pieces will tend to give you denser, richer hits when compared to a bigger piece, where there is plenty of air movement and more of the vapor re-condenses before it can be inhaled.



2. DynaVap Double Tip Adapter

Over time, you may find yourself loading up multiple DynaVap bowls, back-to-back. When it's one of those days, it's best to call in the heavy artillery.

The DynaVap Double Tip Adapter allows you to fit two DynaVap tips to a standard body, or other DynaVap compatible device - cut back on dosing times and rip through sessions at double the speed. Simply pop in two tips, and the double adapter will fit right into place in any of your standard DynaVap Tip compatible pieces.

There are a lot of possibilities with this accessory, throw the DynaVap tandem adapter onto a standard body, a glass stem - or best of all place it onto a WPA, this then allows you to use two DynaVap tips with your favorite water-piece. With double the vapor production a water-piece is highly recommended.

For those that are brave, the DynaVap Triple Tip Adapter deserves an honorable mention - a step up from the double - but so powerful that the illusive accessory tends to be overkill for most.



1. DynaVap Silver FMJ

The FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) is one of the most popular third party DynaVap accessories of all time. Originally created by wrapping copper wire around ones VapCap, built as a solid collar by Simrell and then finally crafted in silver by Vaps ON Vaps.

The idea behind the DynaVap FMJ is that the extra metal surrounding the VapCap is able to act as a thermal store for the heat generated by heating your VapCap. By directly heating the metal users are able to build up a reserve of heat - so that once the VapCap is sufficiently hot (often times many seconds past the click) users are able to fully extract a DynaVap tip in a single heat cycle, thanks to the latent heat stored by the FMJ.

Both Copper & Silver make for great FMJ material - however, silver has a higher thermal conductivity and diffusivity rating - meaning a more even and slightly faster heat up time. Silver also has the added benefit of maintaining its shine for longer. Silver doesn't tend to dirty up as quickly as copper, and when it does - you only need a light polish to clean it up!

If aesthetics are important to you, the Silver FMJ makes an excellent candidate as it adds an extra layer of sophistication to your DynaVap.


DynaVap Silver FMJ


What ever DynaVap accessory you are looking for - we've got a solution. We're always on the look-out to supply the latest and best modifications!

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