The Silver FMJ

The Silver FMJ is a Dynavap Accessory Like None Other. Similar in function to the Simrell Copper FMJ, but improved -
experience full herbal extraction in as little as one heat-up cycle.

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DynaVap Silver FMJ (.999 Fine Silver)

DynaVap Silver FMJ (.999 Fine Silver)

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Why use the Copper FMJ, when you can now use a 99.99% Pure Silver FMJ? Sure it's pricier, but you are paying for a better performing product, that also keeps more in-line with the traditional DynaVap aesthetics - Silver looks far nicer sitting on your DynaVaps VapCap than a dull hunk of copper, it also heats up faster than Copper and distributes the heat more evenly, and it doesn't get dirty as quickly as the Simrell Copper FMJ.
The Silver FMJ is a genius little piece of kit, it more than doubles the efficiency of a standard DynaVap device when used correctly. The Silver FMJ when heated up acts as an excellent insulator, locking in the heat and resultingly extending your heat cycle, allowing the DynaVap to produce vapor for almost a minute without a re-heat - very similar to the Copper FMJ. No more messing around heating up your DynaVap multiple times. Experience the legendary one-cycle clear with the biggest, most flavourful clouds!
In addition to improving the performance of a traditional DynaVap, it also makes the device easier to use. When using the Silver FMJ, Dynavap users no longer need to rotate the device. Simply heating directly opposite the FMJs opening is all you need to do - this is thanks to pure Silvers impressive thermal conductivity. If you like the Simrell Copper FMJ, then the fine .999 Silver FMJ will make a welcome addition to your collection.
Includes a polishing bar which can be used to restore the FMJ to its original shine after some use.
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99.99% Pure Silver is better than Copper.

No Need to Rotate

The Silver Collar does not require any rotation. Simply heat the center of the Silver FMJ - like you would a Copper FMJ (directly opposite the slit in the ring).

Improved Aesthetics

Simply put, a solid piece of 99.99% pure Silver IS far more visually satisfying than a Copper FMJ. The Silver FMJ also doesn't dirty up and darken as fast as the Copper FMJ.

Full Extraction in One Heat Cycle

From experienced usage you will be able to clear a fully packed Dynavap Tip in one heat-cycle only. Providing an impressive efficiency increase.

Higher Thermal Conductivity (Faster Heat Up)

Silver is nearly ~10% more conductive than Copper. Our unique Silver FMJ will heat up faster than a Copper counterpart.

Silver vs Copper

Silver is better than Copper. Fact.

Silver is the best conductor of heat, followed by Copper. Silver has a thermal conductivity of 429 W/(m·K), while Copper's is 398 W/(m·K). This means that Silver conducts heat better than Copper. Pure Silver has a thermal diffusivity rating of 165.63 mm²/s, while Copper is 111 mm²/s. This means that Silver will distribute heat faster and more evenly than Copper. Copper is still a good conductor of heat, but if you are looking for the best possible heat conductor, Silver is the better choice.

How do you use the Silver FMJ?


1. Pop the Silver fmj onto your VapCap with the slitted side above your VapCaps downward fin. (Captive Caps ONLY).

2. Heat the Silver FMJ with a precision jet flame. You want to aim for directly opposite the slitted side, no need to rotate! Heat lower for a richer roast, or higher for a lighter roast. The slower you heat, the better the heat distribution. The operation is very similar to a Copper FMJ.

3. Wait until you hear the click. For full one heat cycle extractions, sometimes heating a number of seconds past the click(s) is neccessary - although this will vary based on your Tips material.

4. Operate your DynaVap device as usual and enjoy a longer experience from one single heat up.

The Silver FMJ is a revolutionary product, it can sometime take a little getting used to as a full one heat extraction will require you to understand the temperature limits of your setup.
WARNING: Do NOT use with Induction Heaters or Non-Captive Caps.

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