Pre-Order the DynaVap M+ Now!

Starting March 19 customers can pre-order the new DynaVap M+.

All orders placed up to the 29th will receive a FREE M+ keyring case.



Our products aim to enhance your dry herb vaping devices, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve the vaping experience - this includes some unique DynaVap accessories, such as our Silver FMJ (similar to the Simrell Copper FMJ) or Triple Tip Adapter. Each product listed has been tried & tested, quality is assured.

  • Have you tried the Silver Collar for DynaVap?

    The small .999 Silver FMJ is a great little DynaVap accessory which will quickly turn your DynaVap into a one-hitting machine - capable of performing powerful full extraction in as little as one heat cycle. Like Copper, but better aesthetics.