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Glass 3D Cooling Stem (With Carb)

Glass 3D Cooling Stem (With Carb)

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Experience your DynaVap like never before, thanks to the smoothness of crystal clear glass. Combine a DynaVap tip & Cap along with this accessory and you are good to go. Designed from high strength borosilicate glass - the spikes add extra surface area to the vapour pathway acting to both cool & refine vapour to a silky smooth texture.
Features a carb hole so that you can refine the airflow to your own personal preference.

From the various DynaVap glass stems we've tested, this has to be one of the most effective and likely one of the best glass stems for the DynaVap. Made to the same high standards as a Glass Charlie Stem, but at a better price with a user friendly tapered mouthpiece.
You can't go wrong with these stems, they make the perfect accessory for your DynaVap. This listing also includes a free pack of 5x O-rings (Usually sold for £6.99 individually).

This product also includes the option to upgrade to a fully functioning standalone device, by adding a 2021 Stainless Steel Tip & Captive Cap, you can experience the power of a glass DynaVap vaporizer. The absolute cheapest way to get a taste of the Dynaverse!

Package Contents

  • 1x Tapered Glass Stem for DynaVap Tips
  • [OPTIONAL ADD ON] Full unit - includes 1x Stainless Steel 2021 Tip & Captive Cap
  • [OPTIONAL ADD ON] Everything from the full unit, plus a Silver FMJ
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Customer Reviews

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First accessory I've gotten for my Dynavap and its great. Fit the 2021 M perfect, and I think it's a bit cooler of a vaoe than the steel. Feel like I'm less likely to cough after a few hits. It's great and cheap what's not to love.

Superb stem

Super cool looking stem with the most comfortable mouthpiece makining it a pure pleasure to use. Carb hole works very well. Airflow may be tight a bit for some (DTL may prefer tips with more holes like dyna helix), otherwise it's one of the best for MTL vaping in my honest opinion and it's crazy cheap.

Great upgrade for my 2021 M

Viols the vapour well and feels like it draws better imo. I use this alll the time when at home but I don’t take it out with this stem as it’s glass. Great taste and easy to clean with iso because of the glass too. A cheap awesome upgrade for any dynavap tip!

Tim Green
Amazing stem

It has transformed my DynaVap, much prefer the feeling of the glass stem to the metal body. The carb is easier to use and the stem is a breeze to clean. Hot water and washing liquid soak with a hot water rinse and all clean. Perfect.



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The Stainless Steel Triple Adaptor allows a Dynavap user to experience a higher level of enjoyment. Whilst elegantly cutting packing and dosing time by 66%.

Cut vaping times like a hot-knife through butter.

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Large clouds.