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Vaps On Vaps

DynaVap Magnetic VapCap Puller & Keyring

DynaVap Magnetic VapCap Puller & Keyring

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Had problems with hot DynaVap VapCaps slowing you down, or burning your fingers?

This handy little tool allows you to remove your DynaVaps VapCap with ease. The magnet also offers the benefit of cooling your VapCap allowing for faster reloads.
Many DynaVap enthusiasts will eventually misplace their DynaMag, DynaVap Stash or other magnet stands, the Vaps ON Vaps Magnetic VapCap Puller is crafted with this in mind - being naturally small and including a keyring loop enables the small accessory to be carried everywhere!

Say goodbye to the standard DynaMag and hello to the ultra-low form factor VapCap Puller.

Please note that this VapCap puller will pull most caps off with ease, even some of the stiffer ones. But in some cases, heavily carbonised and misshapen caps could be difficult for this tool. However, this item will pull most caps as it has been tested on many different set ups. If for any reason you do not like it and it wont pull your caps, you are able to send it back for a refund.
Note: Due to the added mass of the Armored Cap, this magnet will not pull it off.
Package Contents
  • One DynaVap VapCap Magnetic Puller (colour as selected)
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We Love Dynavap!

We are big lovers of the legendary Dynavap device. As such we have used many Dynavap accessories in our time. Now we want to bring the community some of the best curated devices and accessories on the market. Based out of the UK you can trust in the quality of our products.

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    All of our devices are engineered with utmost efficiency in mind. We believe in providing simple yet effective solutions.

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    Our products are curated accessories and devices that are designed to elevate your dry herbal experience to new levels.

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    Simplicity is a virtue, but sometimes dynamic solutions are required. We are proud to provide refined excellence.

Refined Excellence.

Simple solutions are sometimes the best.

The Stainless Steel Triple Adaptor allows a Dynavap user to experience a higher level of enjoyment. Whilst elegantly cutting packing and dosing time by 66%.

Cut vaping times like a hot-knife through butter.

Small form factor.
Large clouds.