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The Dynavap FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)

The Dynavap FMJ has an interesting history. Conceived as a copper wire make-shift device by an avid Dynavap enthusiast, refined by Simrell and finally perfected in silver by Vaps ON Vaps.

January 7th, 2022

Looking back to the start of the year, Reddit user /u/OrochiMoltar started a thread on the /r/Dynavap sub-reddit. Little did he know, that his initial idea would go on to create one of the most effective Dynavap accessories ever designed.

The initial insulating contraption was created with tightly coiled solid copper wire. /u/OrochiMoltar just discovered the single heat-cycle bowl clear.
The Reddit inventor went on to create a few posts on his homemade Dynavap accessory — which ultimately received a cult-like response from the community. The community loved the vast improvements the device brought. Faster heat up times, no need to rotate and denser hits. The Dynavap community were enthralled.

Credit: u/OrochiMoltar

/r/Dynavap experienced months of enthusiasts making regular posts, asking others to rate their copper wire set up — some were focused on the potential health and safety implications of heating impure copper and some just wanted an improvement and were already looking at better metals. However, in the background something else was brewing.

Simrell FMJ

Simrell, being a heavy-hitter and fan favourite in the Dynavap modding and accessory community, eventually caught on to these home-made contraptions.
Simrell, being a true innovator created a dedicated device, aptly named the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ). Which is essentially a solid copper jacket that slides on over a Dynavap Captive Cap. The Simrell FMJ features a slit in one side, allowing easy removal and resizing of the copper jacket.

The FMJ achieved critical acclaim and was the talk of many Dynavap and Cannabis vaping forums. Around the time that it launched /r/Dynavap was brimming with exceptional reviews, tips, tricks and more. The FMJ quickly became a staple accessory, and perhaps the most popular third-party Dynavap accessory of all time. Many retailers ran out of stock of the legendary device, leaving Dynavap users wondering when and where they could buy a Simrell FMJ from.

Credit: Simrell

It’s worth noting that Simrell also recently created a 24K Gold variant of the copper FMJ. I call it a variant because under the hood it is the same copper FMJ, merely coated with a thin layer of Gold in order to improve the aesthetics of the standard Simrell FMJ. The standard Simrell copper Dynavap FMJ tends to dirty up and lose its warm lustre fairly quickly — the 24K Gold FMJ variant aims to solve this problem.

Credit: Simrell

Vaps ON Vaps FMJ

Understanding the thermal dynamics and advantages of silver over copper — Vaps ON Vaps sought out to create a better performing, more aesthetically pleasing Full Metal Jacket.

The Silver FMJ boasts a clean and refined aesthetic that is more traditional to the Dynavaps unique style, as an added benefit the silver FMJ will not change colour and will only experience moderate carbonisation, unlike a copper FMJ that quickly dirties and changes colour.

Crafted from a single piece of .999 Fine silver. Fine silver is perfectly suited for this unique application — the softer nature of the pure metal provides the perfect jacket that is flexible, yet strong.

Credit: Vaps ON Vaps

The vast thermal benefits of silver vastly outweigh those of copper — silver has a thermal conductivity of 429 W/(m·K), while copper’s is 398 W/(m·K). The thermal diffusivity is also vastly higher standing at 165.63 mm²/s, whereas copper only has a rating of 111 mm²/s.
In effect this means that a silver FMJ will heat up faster and more evenly when compared to a copper FMJ. In turn saving butane, and your own time.

The only downside of the silver FMJ is that due to the high price of silver it costs more than a standard copper FMJ (£21.95/$24.54). However, I would imagine that the seasoned Dynavap perfectionist will appreciate the premium solution — that will outperform a copper FMJ and also won’t look bad after some use.

For those that truly value their Dynavaps aesthetics, and want to eke out every last bit of performance, buy the silver FMJ.

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