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Titaniu"M": Fall Colors

Titaniu"M": Fall Colors

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The Titaniu"M" Fall Colors are here with a few special twists! For the first time ever, The "M+" is made of titanium and features the smooth Classic Stem design. The second twist is that this year's colors are the result of a surface treatment that DynaVap has developed. This process makes the titanium more durable and scratch resistant.

Titaniu"M": NebuluM
A unique coloration that could rival a Nebula - the Titaniu"M": NebuluM has a base of purple and includes blue and violet hues throughout.
*Colored, but not textured

Titaniu"M": QuantiuM
The shine and luster of this beautiful Titaniu"M": QuantiuM comes from a unique texture and treatment of the titanium.
*Colored and textured

Tip and Stem are uniformly engraved.

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Customer Reviews

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James Size
Nice piece

I have most of the dynavaps, and I like trying new things so I bought this as soon as I saw it.

If you don't have a dynavap, this is probably not the one for you. The 21 M or the Standard steel M+ would be a great starter.
This is a review of the Ti M+ though.
Due to a mistake by dynavap I received the QuantiuM textured one (Vaps on Vaps customer service was right on sorting this out though).

The one hit extraction promised by the M+ is easy to achieve, but with the titanium tip I find packing loose and aiming the torch just above the captive cap dimples works perfectly.

Easy to use (if you ignore the SS M+ advice of aiming at the tip dimples - this will give too much conduction through tip and give uneven heating)
Fast easy heat up
Stem feels nice in the hand
Give big tasty hits
Squareport gives good control of hit

Texture feels a bit grindy when fitting/removing a cap
Stem gets hot on back to back hits (cools quick though)

I am glad I own this, would recommend if you are a fan of dynavap. Not going to rank it because each one has a use case and I can't say if one is 'better' than any other because it's all personal preference.

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